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Pre-History of the Armenians, Volume 3: The Anatolian Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of the Proto-Armenians




Gabriel Soultanian

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Volume 3 in the Pre-History of the Armenians series contains further ancient hieroglyphic inscriptions from southeastern Turkey. These are translated and annotated in full, and are accompanied by a comprehensive glossary. A number of crucial misapprehensions by scholars are corrected, and most importantly this study also explains the unknown phonetics of many signs found in Laroche's extensive catalogue of hieroglyphic glyphs published in 1960. Other sections include an analysis of the language of the inscriptions, which forms a bridge between the ancient Indo-European language and Classical Armenian, with examples demonstrating the development of the phonetics of words and the formation of augmentative suffixes. Also provided is an alphabetized list of transcriptions of these ancient words.

The linguistic evidence proves that since at least the eighth century BC the Hays (Armenians) possessed the scribal schools, temple records and gusans (minstrels) that are mentioned in the History of the Armenians, written during the fifth century AD by Moses Khorenatsi. The Vocabulary and Usage section highlights a number of words previously thought to be loans from other languages and confirms their indigenous status. Additionally, it confirms the provenance of other words, treasures from the long forgotten past that occur in the old lexicons and were considered doubtful. As with the previous Volume 2, each word is thoroughly explained and given its various usages in transcription for the benefit of the reader.

Other books by Gabriel Soultanian: The Pre-History of the Armenians, Volume 1; The Pre-History of the Armenians, Volume 2: The Proto-Armenian Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Aram; The History of Bishop Sebeos: Redefining a Seventh-Century Voice from Armenia.

– 224 pages
– Published by Bennett & Bloom, August 2009





Laroche's Catalogue: Les Hieroglyphes Hittites

General Remarks about the Language and related subjects

The Inscriptions
   Kululu Lead Strip No.1
   Kululu Lead Strip No.2
   Kululu Lead Strip Fragment 1
   Kululu Lead Strip Fragment 2
   Kululu Lead Strip Fragment 3
   Carchemish A12 of Katuwa
   Carchemish A4a of Kamana
   Carchemish A5a of Kamana
   Carchemish A32 of Kamana
   Two Inscriptions from Malatya
   'The Empire of the Hitties'
   Anonymous Inscription from Shirzi

Vocabulary and Usage


Select Bibliography

   The Central Balkans and Paeonia, circa 12th to 4th century BC
   Anatolia and the Balkans, circa 12th century BC
   The Proto-Armenian kingdoms of Aram
   The original Ostan and politico-strategic settlement areas in Armenia
   Georgia in the Seventh Century
   The Region of Lechkhumi Byzantium in the Seventh Century

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